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♪ new details about the flu road. the driver suffered moderate injuries and taken to santa rosa memorial hospital. no other vehicles were involved and the cause of the crash is under investigation. the truck is registered to a paving company called northwest engineering based in santa rosa. they are hoping surveillance footage leads to a man who set a small fire at a redwood city elementary school. he set the fire in a garbage epidemic hitting california. news about the controversial body scanners at noon. wñ can on new year's eve and it spread to an adjacent garbage can and didn't spread to the school. the man is shown here and is believed to be between 17 and 22 years old and wearing a thin moustache and raiders cap with ear flaps. a woman suffered burns after an apartment fire. the 81-year-old woman fell asleep while smoke ago cigarette in her living room last night. flames gutted the unit ever the apartment which is located at
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second and e streets. neighbors say they hope the woman can make a full recovery. >> hoping she is okay. we know she suffered burns and things like that. hopefully she is okay. we will go from there. it is completely gone. but you know that was the only apartment affected by it. >> the woman remains in critical condition with burns to her face and arms. the san bruno pipe explosion are trying to . the california death toll increases as concerns over the negotiate one final settlement with pg&e. a judge ordered the two sides to come to terms to avoid a long and costly trial. they have reached settlements in the dozens of individual lawsuits and hundreds of other suits are still pending. the blast on september 9th killed eight people and destroyed dozens of homes. a man accused of killing a burglary suspect is due in a courtroom for a few hours.
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flu epidemic worsen. good afternoon, i am tori campbell. we have gotten a flu update and there are concerns about the severity here in california. new at noon, health and science editor june fowler joins us with details and words of flu vaccine shortages. >> i spoke by phone late this morning with the top flu expert. the flu you are seeing in your neighborhood is widespread statewide. >> the level of activity his supporters will hold a rally outside the courthouse. 26-year-old luis ricardo fernando is accused of shooting christopher soriano in the garage of his apartment complex. the lawyers said he and others were trying to detain soriano who is suspected of breaking into cars. they accuse police of failing to respond. a san jose mother who is exceeds what will be expected for this time of the year. this may prove to be more heavier flu season. >> good news. it is the same type a strain and the trouble is the vaccine is hard to find in areas. i reported some pharmacies are short or out in the bay area. spot shortages should be temporary. they reported another death today of someone under 65 in southern california and urging everyone to get a flu shot. accused of lying over the kidnapping of her daughter could be arrested sometime today. she claimed a man tried to snatch her daughter outside their home. but the police say the story had inconsistencies and the mother made up the story when interviewed again. a nursing student was kidnapped and killed, and her cousin said reports lake this hurt victims for real. >> it takes time away from
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wash hands and stay home when sick to head off what could be one of the worse flu seasons in years. john fowler. ktvu, channel 2 news. thank you; john. crews are at the scene of an accident. the driver is in the hospital. the accident stopped traffic shortly after 9:00 on old adobe people who really need it. takes media time away. police did not give a motive and have not yet released the mother's name. they say she has a criminal record. jean quan is asking for help to combat crime. she is attending the conference of mayors and president obama's inauguration on. she has meetings from the department of justice and bureau of alcohol, tobacco and firearms to bring more law enforcement resources to oakland. the bar pilot on a tanker that side swiped the bridge last week could lose his license. they are investigating he is conduct according to the san francisco chronicle and research by san francisco examiner said he had the most incidentses between 2,009 and 2011. it cost more than $2 million in
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damage. high surf is great for pro surfers and dangerous for beach goers and several areas are off limits ahead of the mavericks surfing competition. alex savidge joins us live to let us know the new restriction insist place. good afternoon. >> reporter: with nice weather and the mavericks competition going on, there will be big crowds at many bay area beaches including half moon bay. today the coast guard is putting out a warning. you can expect there to be large waves. in many spots. it in the 10-foot range and the coast guard is hoping the people won't under estimate the power of the ocean and especially since several people recently are swept out to sea by large waves. >> i hope everyone takes that as a warning that the ocean is not for giving. just be cautious out there and take the precautions necessary. in the meantime, the coast guard is planning special
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patrols on sunday near half moon bay for the surf contest. there will be three boats in the water to handle any emergencies. the coast guard is discouraging people from watching the contest on a boat. they hope boaters will steer clear of pillar point. the waves could be 20 feet with strong currents. a coast guard lieutenant said it is not safe even on board a boat. >> it is dangerous especially during high surf warnings. if you have a small pleasure craft and you have a wave that is 30, 40 feet, the pleasure craft is not going to fair too well in the situation. >> reporter: this year the coast guard will not set up a safe zone in the water. it is put in place in years passed, and the coast guard spokesman said it is hard to figure out which areas are truly safe. at the same time spectators will not be allowed to watch from the shoreline. this change came after several
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people were hurt by a large wave back in 2010. >> it is somewhat disappointing because we can't watch the competition from up on the cliff up there. but it is under are standable they don't want people swept off the bluff like years ago. >> it should be a high surf warning from people standing on the shoreline. thinking this is a beautiful smooth day and all of a sudden, they are confronted with a 8-foot wall of water on the sand. that could and problem. >> reporter: the mavericks competition kicks off with the first heat on sunday at 8:00 in the morning. keep in mind the high surf advisory takes effect tomorrow morning at 10:00 and extends through sunday at 4:00 in the afternoon. danger of large waves and rip currents as well. the advice we got in talking to them. never turn your back on the ocean. we are live in san francisco.
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alex savidge. channel 2 news. >> thank you, alex. at&t rates have skyrocketed since the public commission deregulated phone service. they argued growing competition would keep prices low but the chronicle reports at&t's land line phone service increased 115% since 2,006. >> call waiting charges have increased 280%. and they control 97% ever the local market. facebook has agreed to pay menlo park $105 million as it expand on to a new campus. the money is scheduled to be paid over the next 10 years. the social networking site will also contribute $100,000 for local improvements and restrict the number of vehicles at the new campus. facebook moved to the menlo park headquarters from palo
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alto in 2011. president obama's campaign is supporting his second term agenda. it is called organizing for action. it will be announced later today. the group is looking to take the energy from the president's re-election campaign and turn it into support for his legislative priorities. first up, they will encourage supporters to push congress on proposals for tighter gun control. ktvu will have a live coverage of president obama's inauguration. ken pritchard and i will be in washington d.c. look for us on be "mornings on 2". why lance armstrong claims he needed to take performanceness hansing drugs. >> what is -- performance-enhancing drugs. >> excitement is building where in a couple of hours, the 49ers will head to atlanta in
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hopes of getting to play in the super bowl. you will hear from fans. ñç5xñóñmñz?cç?çñkñkñe-
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petaluma,. the san francisco 49ers are one step away from the super bowl. they will be heading to the championship game against the
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falcons. we are in santa clara and everyone must be in a good mood out there? >> reporter: absolutely. there is a lot of excitement going on here. in less than an hour. jim harbaugh and colin kaepernick will talk about the upcoming game. they are excited about the upcoming game. stock up on jerseys and memorabilia. this is the second year in a row they are playing the nfc championship. if they win they will go to the super bowl. the last time they won is in 1995. all eyes are on colin kaepernick. and we spoke to fans about their excitement. >> i am nervous. really nervous. and i am planning at watching it at home. when i watch a nineer game
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outside of my -- nineer game. it is outside of my house. it is superstition. >> that's what it is. >> reporter: lots of people will be watching from sports bars in downtown san jose and they are gearing up for the crowd and they had to stock up kegs and bring in more people to work. they will boost revenue by 200% that day. there will be crushing in here. we are preparing by doubling the beer orders. and buy a whole bunch of glass ware and we have beer towers. we have more of those coming. going to be a fun time. city buses in downtown san jose are sporting the phrase go niners on the electronic signs. this is a lot of momentum building up here and all over the bay area. the team will be loading up on buses at 2:00 and they will
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leave here from santa clara at 2:30 and head to the international airport where they will get on a plane and head to atlanta to prepare for the game on sunday. reporting live. ktvu news. you can see the coverage. it begins at 9:30 a.m. with the championship playbook show followed by fox sports coverage. kickoff is shortly afternoon and the point after show will immediately follow the game. the federal aviation administration is focusing its investigation of beau'sing grounded dream liners on the lithium batteries used on the planes. they grounded all 787's in the u.s. following the grounding of a dream liner in japan. they use the lithium batteries more than other jetliners and they are known to overheat and in rare cases catch fire.
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tsa announced san jose and oakland airports will remove the full body scanners that shows the naked body image of passengers. it shows a generic image of a person instead of the x-ray of the actual passenger. the change comes after passengers complained the scanners violated their privacy. the new scanners are set to arrive in coming months. it is already in use at san francisco international airport. we have developing news out of al jeeria where a group linked to al-qaida is part of this hostage situation. they put the death toll at 12 with algerians and foreigners. and the workers at the plants including americans have been freed. the terrorists have offered to trade the remaining americans for two terrorists being held
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in u.s. prisons. the state department confirmed some americans are still being held. >> this is an ongoing hostage situation. i am not going to be in a position to get into any details here with regard to the status of americans or any other hostages out of concern for the safety and security for all of them. defense secretary leon panetta said it will not negotiate with terrorists and the hostage takers have nowhere to hide if they don't release the hostages immediately. we have new information in the opening of the death investigation. robert wagner is reportedly refusing to cooperate with detectives. the los angeles county sheriff's department has said he refused to speak to investigators about what happened on a boat in 1981 on the night wood died. officials reclassified wood's death from accidental to
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undetermined saying the bruising on wood's arm may indicate that she was assaulted before drowning. second half of lance armstrong's doping admission continues tonight. it is broadcast last night and he confessed to taking banned substances after more than a decade of denial. he took steroids and testosterone and human growth hormone to win the seven tour de france. >> in all of seven, did you ever take banned substances or blood don't? >> yes. >> -- blood dope. >> yes. >> he needed to use performance-enhancing drugs in order to win the championships. he is working to get the lifetime ban from sports lifted so he can compete in triathlons. well just another beautiful day in january. our stretch of really cold weather is kind of modifying a little bit. the lows are still cold.
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by the coast and bay, they have been coming up this week. we start off on sunday and monday brutally cold and dry. it is sunny out. little hazy. warmer near the coast and bay. and it is sunny for all. teeny, teeny bit of patchy fog by the coast and it is rare. and the air mass is so dry. it as slow warm up which would take us and top out by sunday. things will start to change here. high surf advisory kicks in tomorrow at 10. we covered it very, very well and don't turn your back on the waves. mavericks are in. and waves are 10 to 30 feet. spare the air day. we have had these and it makes sense. it is locked in and no stirring of the atmosphere. that will take us into saturday. high pressure said we will hang around the weekend. there is a series of them. they fall apart and they don't
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have much left. >> something might clip us and we will get clouds in here. the city is 60 degrees. it is not showing up. 63 in half moon bay. this is an offshore breeze. inland, 50s and 60s. and livermore is already 59. that was the high yesterday. for some it as real struggle to warm up and we get the component of an easterly breeze and it is east or southeast or offshore almost all week long. that is helping the areas on the coast. santa crust continues to warm up and half moon bay as well. very mild to warm. temperatures this morning are in the upper 40s and 50s. and hazy. mild to warm. sunshine for everybody. mid 60s now and in areas now, just five days ago. and coast bay, inland. they are not too bad and upper 50s and low 60s. and santa clara is overshooting
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this. and upper 60s already south of santa cruz and half moon bay. 65 and 66 redwood city s beautiful 64 in san francisco. looks good, tori. and then we will get clouds and the weekend will be great. >> looks great. thank you, steve. they are celebrating a milestone today. it is 23 years since sea lions first showed up. there will be free walking tours for people who want to learn more. the tours start at 11:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. every day through monday. the first lady debuts a new hair do. and nineer fans. showing off their pride.
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. it is a quiet day on wall street. mixed batch of earnings report. new report on debt ceiling. house republicans will take out a bill to push the deadline for raising the limit in mid april. nasdaq is down. and s&p is flat. california's unemployment rate remain unchanged in november. coming in at 8.8%. it is down from 11.2% a year earlier. november was the first time it fell below 10% in four years. first lady michelle obama
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celebrated her 49th birthday with dinner out and new hair do. this is complete with bangs, this is object her twitter account. she and president obama celebrated her birthday at an italian restaurant in georgetown. 49ers are leaving for atlanta for the nfc championship game. fans are pumped for the game. they sent us photos including this one. it shows a pint-sized fan ready to go in his gear. they are from oakland and they are all decked out in 49er jerseys ready for sunday's game. sherry sent us this for the 49er fan and a 49er onesie. today at five, we are less than 48 hours from the surf contest. see how they are getting ready along the coast so they don't
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have what happened in 2010. thank you for trusting ktvu, channel 2 news. be sure to join us again at five. we are always here for you and mobile --
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